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Design Consultation

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to wake up in such a beautifitul home”   ~Sidney B., Hardyston, NJ


It's been awhile since Sid called to thank me the day after he woke up in his newly renovated and designed home to say the above kind words. He'd grown up as a self described poor boy in Brooklyn who'd worked hard to become successful. He appreciated our efforts and loved his home.! Clients like Sid are precisely WHY I love my work so much, because it lets us know that we DO make a difference! We want you to love your home AND the process of making your dream home come true! 

Being an interior designer is a responsibility, my job is to understand/interpret your needs & taste, then translate that into form and function to give you the home of your dreams. It's that simple! The first step in this process is a consultation where we start with a chat. I ask questions designed to help me access everything so I am able to make appropriate suggestions for YOUR home that fit YOUR lifestyle. It’s about the relationship that develops between client and designer. During our consultation you will become aware of the possibilities, seeing the space from a fresh and artistic perspective. Most importantly you will gain peace of mind and excitement as you understand how our talented design team applies function and aesthetics to fit your budget while bringing your dream and vision to life. 

Whether you are redecorating part of a room; designing a new kitchen or bath; doing a major renovation or designing and building a new house, we have the ability to facilitate your dreams.  Each consultation, just like each job, is specifically tailored to the needs of our client.  Tell us how we can help, and we will!  We suggest that you record our consultation so you can go back and listen to our consult as there will be a LOT of information shared, we want to make sure that you don't miss anything. By recording our highly informative session, you can make sure that you get your money's worth by being able to revisit the event! A 2 hour consultation is $395.00. Please remember, our consultations are not sales pitch 'consultations' like the 'free' ones that some firms offer, this is a true highly informative consult. As they say, you get what you pay for... we're worth it and so are you!