Big to Small ... We do it all!

Frequently Asked  Questions

* Are you insured? If you or one of your representatives break something in my house, are you covered?

         You will always receive an updated Certificate of Insurance from JID and any subcontractors before the onset of any work whichcovers any potential damages in your home.

* What sets you or your company apart from other company's who offer the same service? Can you    provide references?

         Twenty-five years in business and 28 years in the industry has given me a plethora of knowledge as well as experience.  The

            mistakes made by a young, green designer are the ones I have LONG since made and learned from.  Every company works

            differently, I tailor my client contracts to meet their needs.  Whether a client needs a simple color consultation or they want  me to spend a few hours explaining      how they can do a project all on their own, we work to fill our client's needs.  Reference, of course, are furnished upon request.  In addition, read about our DIY Service here.

* Do you provide FREE estimates?

          No. The old adage is true “you get what you pay for”, 28 years of design has afforded me a wealth of knowledge, talent and

          experience which means that YOU get a lot of bang for your buck!

* How long is the initial consultation and how will you determine my style?

          Our initial meeting will be up to 2 hours and include personal discussion, your lifestyle.  Then we talk about your project including

         your likes and dislikes.  Then we walk thru your space and discuss what you like/dislike in your space.  On our second walk thru the

         ideas start flowing!  I always suggest to my clients that we tape record our session so you can take full benefit of all of my ideas!

         Color Consultations (only), also 2 hours; We spend approximately 10 minutes chatting then I bring in thousands of paint samples

         going room by room, color by color until you are happy!  Includes color and finish for ceilings, trim and walls.

* What happens after 2 hours?
         One of three things; first, if you choose to extend the session and are billed at a prorated hourly rate.  Second, you decide if we work

         together and JID will offer you a package price to complete your project or Third, you don’t need any further services from JID and

         we conclude our business.

* What is your availability?

       We are always there for you!  We would rather turn away a potential client than shortchange a current one! I often work Saturdays

        and Sundays and MANY late nights so I can accommodate my client's schedules. I always's up to ME to accommodate them,

        not for THEM to accommodate me!

* Who is the project manager and how much time will that person be directly on the premises                  overseeing the work?
      In most cases, I personally oversee all work and all contractors answer to ME, (AND... I'm tough!) Each contractor must supply me

       AND the client with an current certificate of insurance. I am a tough task master, my job is to PROTECT my client's interest...

       AND, their pocketbook!

* Can you give me a time frame of when the work will be completed?
      Each job is tailored to your specific needs and timelines are discussed during the contract process.  We do everything in our power to           complete projects on a timely basis.  

* What method will you use to relay your designs to me?
       We encourage our clients to cut pictures from magazines or provide links to websites with pictures they like that help us to get a clear

        idea of their style sense. Educating my clients on color, spacial design, lighting, HOW things are manufactured (ie, what makes one

        sofa $400 and another $4000?) so folks understand what they are getting thereby making an informed decision. Depending on the

        job and the budget, we do color/concept/mood boards* which provide greater detail.  *additional cost