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Hard Window Treatments

 “Hard window treatments” are defined as: Shades, cellular or ‘honeycomb' pleated fabric shades; 
Single layer fabric shades; Wood blinds; Mini blinds (metal or vinyl),  Vertical blinds (vinyl, fabric,
metal or wood); Vertical pleated shades; Silhouettes (a combination of a sheer drape and a horizontal
​slatted shade);Luminettes (a combination of a sheer drape and fabric vertical blinds); Roller Shades, Roman Shades
and Wood or Vinyl Shutters.The purpose of hard window treatments is generally for functionality.  The function of these
products include: Keeping the light out of a room, whether it is to soften the sunlight in order to see the TV, provide a total
blackout for sleeping OR anything in between.  Hard window treatments will allow you tocontrol the light in your home,
​retaining the heat or the cool air already in the home.  Hard window treatments are considered a functional element of the home and many of them actually pay for themselves within a few years as they make quite a difference in heating and air conditioning bills due to the “R” value ("R" value refers to In home insulation, the R-value is an indication of how well a material insulates.)  This is an insulation term which measures the amount of heat or cold the hard window treatments keep out of the house or in the house.  They are a good investment both financially and functionally.  For more than 20 years, many hard window treatments have been made to be quite attractive and can double as a decorative aspect in the room, though most styles of hard window treatments are missing several elements of the aesthetics of a ‘soft window treatment’.


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