Designer versus Decorator

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             Designer/Decorator, what’s the difference? Trust me, there IS a difference! As a safe rule of thumb, the basic difference

                between a decorator and a designer are as follows:

A designer is conceptual, can easily work from blueprints, plan space and has a great understanding of architecture, drafting, floor planning and will give you technical information backing up the suggestions they make. They will be able to teach you, helping you understand such things as the importance of lighting, appropriate applications of fabric, furniture style, etc. This information is very important, as decorating and designing your home is an investment, one you’ll be living with for years. A designer is someone who can be there for any project from one room to pre-construction. Before you break ground building a new home, they will ‘walk’ you through the house, using their experience and expertise to guide you, making suggestions that can save you money and aggravations BEFORE its too late!  I can’t tell you how often a new client tells us they wish they knew about this service before building!

A decorator will take your space, and by placement of furniture, accessories etc., make your room palatable. They will (same as designer) also help with color selections, window treatments as well as fabric and furniture selection. Both decorators and designers should teach their clients about fabric, durability, functionality as well as helping you make choices that are pleasing to the eye.  

Remember, these are things that you’re going to be living with for years.  You go to a trusted professional to be guided precluding your making mistakes.