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What is Decorativity?

It’s all things that make you ‘feel ’something as a result of looking at something. A pretty
sunset or the ocean can be calming; a lovely dining room may make you want to have
a dinner party or remind you of Christmas. As humans, we respond and react to two of
our senses very strongly; our sense of smell and our sense of sight. Decorativity is that response to physical environment.

HOME is a word that has a different meaning to different people.  For me, it’s tied to having my ‘space’ warm and inviting. It’s about feeling safe and reinforcing all that is good in my life; my family and my friends and the memories that have been created in that space, my HOME. I find it remarkable, even after all of these years, how much of a difference that being in an aesthetically pleasing place makes on one’s mood. Even folks who don’t realize this cognitively respond to their physical environment.  This is one of the reasons that national chain restaurants spend a tremendous amount of money on their décor. They may have the football jersey’s of the local teams or photos of events that happened in that particular geographical area. The lighting is also a BIG part of this. Have you ever noticed that at about 8pm or so the lights dim in most restaurants? This is planned. This is decorativity! It makes you feel like you are in a place that cares about making you FEEL welcome.

The next time you walk into a room in your home, pay attention to how you FEEL when you see what the room looks like; the color, the furniture, the lighting (not including the toys on the floor from kids! Lol). The next time you walk into a supermarket, look at how the displays are set up to entice you to purchase more product. When you go to a jewelry store, the lighting is all set up to make everything look really sharp and makes you WANT to purchase.

Use decorativity to help you define your space. Working with an experienced Interior Designer who takes the time to understand you, your family, your life and your budget will make all of the difference in the world!!